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The Cottonmouth Snake

Copperhead Agkistrodon Contortrix
Copperhead Agkistrodon Contortrix

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Black Snake Habitat
Black Snake Habitat

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Copper Head Snake Pictures
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kristina bullie says:


Sean Santos says:

To Whom it May Concern: I recently came in contact with a Copperhead and it was surrounded by black racer males. The unusual thing was that a Haitian lady had the snake problem prior resulting a snake bite sometime later that might have killed an elder man, in Highlands County, Florida. My question is this, Do you think that a form of copperheads are coming through customs and breeding a hybrid snake. It was lightning fast and had fogged over eye's. Please Contact me with any further information. Thankyou

Daryn says:

picture number 12 is a non-poisonous snake. Definitely not a copperhead.

Tony Berkley KY says:

right to left...6th pic would be a cottnmouth...not trying to pick...still great pics...nice site

Tony Berkley KY says:

nice pics...looks like a couple of gravid females in there...keep up the good work

Jim says:

Saturday June 30th hiking to Gray's Arch in the Red River Gorge several of us walked right over a copperhead at the base of Gray's arch where a bit a water was running across the trail. Once spotted we noticed the copperhead paid little attention to us.Luckily no one stepped on it as it may have been a different situation. We did warn a family with several youngsters of the snake and its location.

matthew loel says:

i found today june 1st 2012what possitivly looked to be from pics on the internet a dead copperhead snake run over by a car here in franklin county columbus at around 10:30-11:30AM watch children closly and please be safe thank you Matthew

charnay says:

danng i could barely see it i used to stay in hallsville and it was a copperhead snake den under our house we seen them all the time...beautiful but dangerous

Tim Arnold says:

Do copperheads nest together or congregate? I have had to dispatch several over the past 3 years at our wood pile behind our summer cabin near Celina TN. It seem odd to me that I see so many at the exact same spot. I hate killing them ,but my grandchildren play near that spot.. My

ariannna says:

ohh hell yeah

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